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      Welcome to our Christmas Website!


As some of you may know, I work for the Post Office & am the Postmaster in Donahue, IA. Also, you may have heard smaller offices will have reduced hours by the end of September 2014. Unfortunately my office is one that will be affected by this. As a result of this, if I don't find another position in the Post Office by then I will be forced out of my job & essentially laid off.

So, to make a long story as short as possible :) I am now in Walcott, IA learning that office. This is not my new office but an office I am in charge of until the Postmaster returns sometime in February or March. It is a larger, busier office that takes much more of my time.

What I am trying to get at, and not doing a very good job of, is I have not been focusing on the Christmas show like I would normally and am not prepared at all to put on the show. There are many more things influencing this process that I won't bore you with, but all I'm trying to say is we will not have a show for this year. I have not retired the lights for good but I definitely won't be able to even get a small show up and running for this season. What's really hard is the weather is being so perfect & I can't even take advantage of this! :(

I am so sorry as I know some really like to come by and pay a visit or two during the few weeks it is up. 

I really do appreciate your patience & understanding.

Thank you!

Until next year; 

 Merry Xmas to ALL

    and Wishing ALL a   

 Happy & Healthy New Year!